16 Comfortable Transitional Entry Hall Designs That Will Welcome You Inside

The entry hall plays a huge role in how the interior of your home is perceived when somebody first enters it. That is because it is the first taste that anyone will get of your home’s interior design. The transitional entry hall should create a lasting first impression that will be carried through the rest of your house. But it is the first one and that gives some meaning to it.
If you want your home to create a positive first impression for your interior design, then you need to make sure that the entry hall is well-taken care of and that its design can connect to the rest of your home.

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Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we have featured 16 Comfortable Transitional Entry Hall Designs That Will Welcome You Inside. Take a look at the photos that this collection consists of and always keep in mind that the transitional entry hall must be relevant to the rest of the interior design in your home. That is why we suggest you also take a look at the rest of the collections of the transitional style showcase, featuring designs of the kitchenbathroombedroomliving roomdining roomkids’ room, home officehome bar, staircase, and hallway. Enjoy!

1. 1915 Southern Colonial Full Remodel

2. Transitional Entry Hall

3. Danville Project

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4. The Heather

5. Moscow Loft

6. Deerwood home

7. Transitional Entry Hall

8. Lake House Living

9. Transitional Interior

10. Hopedale main floor

11. Sophisticated Row House

12. The Statement House

13. Lincoln Park Co-op

14. Empty Nest Makeover on the Upper West Side

15. Transitional Entry

16. Mill Valley Renovation

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17 Perfect Ideas To Decorate Functional Space For Lounging In The Living Room

Although the kitchen has been taking over this role in recent years, the living room is the central part of every home. This central room we usually decorate to rest, enjoy, work, etc… When we think of home decoration, we create a picture of the living room, and in our minds we choose a seating set, armchairs, and after that- ornaments.

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To the interior decoration should always be approached individually, even when it comes to large living spaces, that require more furniture and other elements in small space. Minimalism is certainly a variant that we tend to, but we also need to respect the needs of the people who prefer more filled space, or want more things and furniture. Tastes should be adapted and adjusted to the owner’s needs, to get simpler functioning and a better appearance of space. Here we present you some attractive ideas that will help you to decorate properly a lounge area in the living room. There are so many fascinating solutions, and it is up to you to decide which one will fit your needs and desires!

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19 Timeless Solutions To Boost Your Interior With Colors

One of the first steps in decorating a dwelling or any other space, is choosing the right color for that space. It is not enough just to choose the color that is your favorite, because each color affects the psyche and the mood in a certain way.

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The choice of the colors depends on a many other factors. Depending on the size of the room, the sunshine, the orientation towards the sides of the world, the purpose, the height of the ceiling, the style of the furniture and the effect we want to achieve, we choose the color for a particular room. The best color combinations for the interior are the colors that come from the nature. They include neutral white, gray, comfortable brown and cream, in combination with a sea-blue, yellow or orange. There are no colors to avoid, but it is important to choose the right tones that will fit and create a harmonious and relaxing look. The simplest trick for changing the atmosphere in the room is to bring elements in different colors. If you are with more adventorus spirit, we suggest you to opt for vibrant colors in your interior. That way you will achieve more dynamic in the space and dramatic atmosphere. Check out below and see some timeless solutions that will boost your interior with colors!

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Stripes Are The New Hit- 10 Interior Designs That Won’t Leave You Indifferent

The stripes are an integral part of any style of decoration and are long time in the interiors. We can see them on textiles that are coated with antique, minimalist or modern sofas, as well as on walls, decorations, bedding, details … Each style has its own recognizable colors and patterns. Despite this persistence, we rarely decide for stripes, when decorating our homes. First of all, because we are afraid they will dominate the space and we will quickly get tired from this look. Some are convinced that this is a permanent trend and their home will soon become unattractive.

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But this is not exactly the case, because the stripes have a big role in every interior. They can completely change the space – even only pillows, blankets or curtain with stripes will break the monotony and twill transform the space into dynamic, cheerful, imaginative and cheerful. Choosing certain shades, colors, rows and line widths, will help you achieve the desired ambience. Check out below, browse our collection of 10 Interior Designs That Won’t Leave You Indifferent, and see some functional solutions that surely will catch your eye!

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Ways to Spruce up Your Home for Spring

With the sun shining brightly, beautiful flowers blooming around you and gardens coming back to life, you would surely want to spruce up your home for spring. It is that time of the year when there is a splash of colours all around you. You need to break out from the spells of winter and prepare your home for the sunny days ahead. It is that time of the year when you need to refresh, reenergize and reboot yourself for the days ahead. The chirping of birds and the sweet smell of flowers tells you that the nature is ready to embrace the change coming ahead. You need to spruce up of your home to welcome the change. Some of the ways in which you can refresh your home for spring are as follows-

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Adding splash of bright colours

Ways to Spruce up Your Home for Spring

Spring is all about colours. Accentuate your home with hues of bright pink, purple, yellow and green that sets the tone for spring. Go for bright wallpapers for the rooms that add the right flair to your home. Also do not forget to add bright coloured flower vases, frames and rugs that spruce up the look of your room. It is that time of the year when you need to replace the soft blend of colours with the right pop of bright colours.

Add a touch of greenery

Ways to Spruce up Your Home for Spring

Spring is all about flowers, leaves and trees. The touch of greenery to any room can add the right character to a space. You can make any dull space look bright with the touch of a potted plant or some greenery. So opt for small plants in nice decorative pots that would add an elegant yet vibrant touch to your home.

Opt for Floral theme

Ways to Spruce up Your Home for Spring

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Be it your pillow cover, your curtain or your sofa cover, floral is the theme for spring. Replace all the boring shades with bright floral hues that give a vibrant look to your home.  You need to mix and match in the right way to add a touch of floral theme to your rooms. Fresh flowers plants on pots are lovely to embrace this spring.

Say goodbye to cold weather stuff

Be it boring curtain, carpet or a piece of wall art, anything and everything that gives a vibe of cold and cozy winter must be replaced. Go for bright splash of colours, photographs of nature and landscapes and bright coloured curtains instead. Add bright photos to your gallery wall and get rid of thick blankets and heavy pillow covers that were out for winter. Let more of light come in as you opt for light fabrics for your curtains.

It is not always about sprucing up your home interior and exterior for the days ahead. You need your house to be insured so that you are free from the hassles of unfortunate events and incidents.  Homelet.co.uk/landlord-insurance  is one such organization that would help your house to get protection and peace of mind. The company understands your issues and concerns and helps you out to get your home insurance.

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18 Charming Transitional Staircase Designs You’ll Love

The staircase is one of the parts of the home that a lot of people often forget about when they are remodeling. But just think about how many times you use the staircase during the day and even when you don’t use it, how many times does it get in your field of view? It’s probably quite a lot, especially in homes with an open floor plan or smaller homes where space is limited. These are some of the biggest reasons that you should include the staircase in your renovation plan and this time we are going to suggest you take a look at the transitional staircase design which takes its cues from the traditional and contemporary styles.

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Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we’ve featured 18 Charming Transitional Staircase Designs You’ll Love. The designs that we’ve gathered today present a great chance to stock up on creative ideas which you can use to inspire yourself when you need to renovate the staircase in your home. There’s a lot more than just the staircase though, so make sure you explore our entire showcase of the transitional style in which we’ve already featured the kitchenbathroombedroomliving roomdining roomkids’ room, home office, and home bar. Enjoy!

1. Transitional Staircase

2. Ansley Drive Residence

3. Rum Row Residence

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4. North Shore Renovation

5. Transitional Staircase

6. Transitional Interior

7. Spiral Staircase

8. Larchmont Home

9. Transitional Staircase

10. http://www.bigo-arch.com/

11. Hamptons High Living

12. Transitional Staircase

13. Northern Chicago Suburb Home

14. Willow Glen Modern Farmhouse

15. Pacific Heights

16. Wagener Terrace

17. Regent’s Park Townhouse

18. Lighted staircase

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Interior Design Tips For First-time Homeowners

Moving into your first home is a real thrill. Whether you are enjoying the freedom of living alone or sharing the experience with someone else, your first home is magical. Once the move has taken place, you will naturally want to decorate your home to give it your personal touch.

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In fact, it is wise to think about the interior design of your first home before you actually move in. This will ensure that you are all prepared and ready to make it as cozy as you like. The way that you decorate your first home is so crucial in making sure that you enjoy living there and that it reflects your personality.

Here are some great interior design tips for a new homeowner.

Make your house a home

If you are going to be living in a new house or apartment, you will want to make it a place in which you look forward to spending time. The easiest way to do this is by making it into a real home when you decorate it. Giving your new place a cozy, welcoming feel will really make it a great place to be for not only you but also any guests you have over.

There are many ways to do this, from having pictures of family on the walls to choosing accessories for it that express your personality. Stamping your mark on the new home is vital in making it yours and turning it into a home. Another great way to make your house a home is by adding texture in the different rooms. This will give your rooms depth and make them inviting places in which to relax. Use furnishings such as cozy throws and luxurious cushions to achieve this effect.

Interior Design Tips For First time Homeowners

Mix your furniture

A really inexpensive and cool way to decorate your new apartment or house is to mix your furniture. While having brand-new dining chairs that are all the same can look good, it can also look a bit bland. Why not try mixing and matching the style and color of the chairs instead? Of course, they need to work together still, but it can be done quite easily. You can find lots of quality, cheap chairs that will fit the bill in charity shops.

Interior Design Tips For First time Homeowners

Choose your color well

If you are not sure what color paint or pattern wallpaper you want on your walls, then go neutral. By painting them white to begin with, you leave yourself a blank canvas for when you do decide. Indeed, you may even opt to leave your walls this color if you end up liking it! A popular trend still is to have three walls white and one wall a vibrant color – the effect from the contrasting shades is fantastic!

Whatever color you go for, make sure that you choose wisely and that it fits any overall theme you have chosen. For the bathroom, you may want calming blues, for example, while your lounge may demand a more vibrant shade such as terracotta.

Interior Design Tips For First time Homeowners

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Get the most out of your home when done

When all the interior design is done, you still need to take steps to get the most out of your new home. After all, you don’t want to have got it looking fabulous for nothing! The cost of getting your new home how you want it needs to be factored in moving forward. With this in mind, many new homeowners choose a home warranty to cover themselves financially.

The reasons for choosing a new site home warranty are worth considering. The warranty will give comprehensive cover against all the items in your home that are covered by it. This will mean that any unexpected household repair costs that you could otherwise face are taken care of by the warranty protection that you have. It makes it much easier to budget, and will help avoid any nasty surprises that being a homeowner may bring!

Interior Design Tips For First time Homeowners

Start thinking about your new home today

There are lots of things to take care of when moving into your first home. As it is the first time that you have done it, you will no doubt have a long to-do list and be wondering how it will all work out. A great way to reduce any stress is to start thinking about how you will make your new property a home well in advance. This will mean that achieving that goal when you move in will be easy and enjoyable.

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3 Simple Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Look Amazing

For many of us, decorating does not come naturally. When we look at a blank room, we do not see a simple way to make it look like home. So if you struggle to make your rooms look absolutely amazing, we’ve got a number of suggestions that we believe will help.

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3 Simple Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Look Amazing

As an example, let’s say you plan to move into www.eastownla.com apartments, you have this humongous new gorgeous space that’s completely empty, and you have no idea where to begin as far as decorating is concerned. With the tips we’re about to share with you today, you will have a starting point to help you begin the decorating process in your wonderful new home.

With that said, let’s share some simple yet effective decorating tips with you below.

  1. Make Sure You Give Your Furniture Enough Breathing Room

Nobody wants to live in a cramped and cluttered apartment, so you have to provide enough breathing room between your furniture. Even though it can be very tempting to overcrowd a room, you’ll feel stifled, claustrophobic, and really unhappy if you have to spend too much time in a room that’s overcrowded with furniture.

If you’re on a tight budget, this is going to be excellent news because you won’t need to buy too much furniture in order to fill up your apartment. You can leave plenty of space to give the entire apartment breathing room. You’ll also have the opportunity to buy higher-quality pieces of furniture since you won’t have to spend as much money as you may have originally thought.

Leaving breathing room for your furniture is very beneficial in a number of ways. It makes the apartment less claustrophobic, it’s less expensive because you don’t have to buy too much furniture, and it makes every room much more welcoming and inviting.

  1. Choose Your Paint Colors after Moving in

3 Simple Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Look Amazing

Many people prefer to paint their apartment before they move in, but it’s not the best way to choose your paint color. Logically, it makes more sense to want to paint the apartment before you have all your furniture inside, but it isn’t advised.

Since there are so many colors, it actually makes sense to paint your apartment after you’ve seen the way it looks with your furniture in it, with the light of day shining through the windows, and you’ll also want to see how the apartment looks after you have your lighting in place. If you put in a new gas lantern light from Lantern & Scroll, it may make the room look different than your average electrical fixture, so all these things need to be taken into consideration before choosing your colors and painting your entire apartment.

  1. Tap into Your Creativity While Decorating Your Apartment

As you begin decorating your apartment, you may come across different rules and tips from numerous sources. This information is certainly valuable – otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered writing this – but you also have to remember to let your creativity take hold and bring you on an amazing ride.

When looking over one or more rooms in your new apartment, what do you see? Do you envision a particular piece of artwork on the wall of the bedroom? Or do you feel a certain style and color couch would go great in your living room? If you have any kind of inklings whatsoever, you should give into your creative side and decorate the apartment the way it feels most natural to you.


Now that you’ve found the best apartment for your tastes, it’s time to seriously begin decorating your new place. Use the tips and guidance we’ve shared to make your brand-new living space look and feel absolutely incredible.

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18 Superb Transitional Home Office Designs You’ll Want To Work In

The transitional home office is a very interesting addition to the home. First of all, it will provide you with a very comfortable workplace which is something that people who are lucky enough to have a job that can be done from home can afford. But the transitional home office is also a valid addition to your home even if you can’t work from it. Why? Well, it doesn’t have to be a workplace. It can be your study room, it can be your hobby room. You can use it to take care of any paperwork or bills or you can use it to do some research online. You don’t even have to dedicate an entire room to it because it can easily be combined with another room as you’ll see below.

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Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we’ve featured 18 Superb Transitional Home Office Designs You’ll Want To Work In. Take a moment to explore the designs that we’ve gathered in this collection and you will be able to understand why the transitional home office is an addition that you should consider for your home.
If you are a fan of this style, make sure you take a look at the rest of our collections from the transitional style showcase, featuring designs of the kitchenbathroombedroomliving room and    dining room, and kids’ room. Enjoy!

1. Forest Grove

2. Transitional Home Office

3. Arborfield Project: Home Office

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4. The Burleson

5. Transitional Home Office

6. Springdale Home

7. Lockwood Glen I

8. High-Powered Home Office

9. Drew’s Honeymoon House

10. 448 Beacon Street

11. Brightfield Lane

12. Riverdale Richmond

13. Brooklyn Heights Townhouse

14. Kahala Custom Home

15. Transitional Home Office

16. Russian Hill Penthouse

17. Grants Mill Valley

18. New Canaan Residence

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15 Proofs That Neutral Colors Are An Excellent Choice For A Stylish Home

We have already mentioned how certain colors in the interior affect the mood and can visually reduce or increase the space. But this time we consider the neutral colors and the effect they have in the interior. The neutral color palette is composed of white, black and gray. Here, we will include also the brown and all their mutual combinations. If you want to achieve “softness” in your home, calmness, unobtrusiveness, comfort and harmony, then choosing a neutral color palette is ideal for you. This implies the decoration of the entire interior in a neutral palette, both for wall and floor coverings, as well as for the choice of furniture and other decorative elements.

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A neutral color palette can be used in all rooms at the home. Brighter neutral color tones in the bedroom will help you to rest and relax easily. Since the bathroom is usually a small room and does not tolerate visual chaos, with choosing a neutral color palette, you will achieve harmony and ease in the space. The living room decorated in a neutral color palette will be the right choice for all those who do not like to experiment with the colors. Moreover, by choosing neutral colors your living room can be decorated very effectively and glamorously. So, the final conclusion is: neutral color palette is the right choice if you seek elegance, harmony and pleasant feel in the home!

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